Tours by aviation fans

Tours by plane fans gain popularity

   Tours by plane fans organized by the Korea International Travel Company (KITC) don`t have a long history but it is gaining greater attention among the plane fans from various countries.

   The fans are satisfying their different curiosities through visits to the actual planes, taking pictures and flying on the planes which are available in the country.

   Different types of planes such as “Ty-134”, “An-24” and “An-148”, all of which have different manufacturing ages, can be found at the Pyongyang International Airport. The fans could hardly refrain from their admirations for the high technical status of such old planes. They are all saying that the country is one of a few countries for flying on the planes of former generation with the greatest safety

   In the past, the fans used to meet their own favorites by flying on various types for local trips. But, recently, they have come to appreciate flying on various types at one place of the Pyongyang International Airport to make circuit flights over the regional space at the appointed time.

   The tours are organized with an itinerary 7nights/8days to visit major cities including Pyongyang, capital city, Kaesong and celebrated Mts. Paektu, Myohyang and others while conducting the plane-related schedules.

   Most of the fans come from European countries such as Britain, Germany, France, Austria and Netherland and the number is yearly on increase.

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