Tongmyongsan Hotel

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   Situated between Rajin-dong and Haeyang-dong, Rajin District, Rason, Tongmyongsan Hotel was put into commission in February 2000.

   Covering an area of over 23 580㎡ and a total floor space of over 4 200㎡, it can accommodate 190 people.

   With more than 90 rooms (5 deluxe suites, 20 premium rooms and over 70 standard rooms) in total, the hotel is divided into three blocks.

   The best is Block No. 3 nestled in Haeyang-dong which affords a combined scenery of hillocks and sea.

   The hotel has dining rooms, wading pool, face treatment and massage saloons, karaoke rooms, table-tennis room, fitness room, souvenir shop, book store and other amenities.

   You can enjoy various dishes made with fresh marine products in the 70-seat banquet hall and dining rooms.

   Just have a walk in the woods enjoying the sea and gulls flying over it, and you will feel refreshed and relieved of fatigue.

Rajin Sportspeople’s Hotel

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   Built in May 1996 on the seashore of Anju-dong, Rajin District, Rason, 10-storeyed Rajin Sportspeople’s Hotel covers an area of about 10 000㎡ and a total floor space of over 3 200㎡.

   The hotel can accommodate 190 people with its 96 rooms including 2 deluxe suites, 4 premium rooms, 90 standard rooms.

   On the first floor are a 150-seat banquet hall, Korean restaurant and spa, massage, barber shop, beauty parlour and other amenities.

   In the basement there is a restaurant which specializes in seafood such as octopus, turbo, lobster and crab.

   The hotel has a rooftop restaurant which offers a panoramic view of the city of Rason and the East Sea of Korea.

   In addition, the hotel has a gift shop, fitness room and recreation hall.

   You can have a refreshing walk in the thickly-wooded hillocks behind the hotel enjoying the wide spread of the sea ahead.

Sungjonbong Hotel

   Located in Josan-dong, Sonbong District, Rason, Sungjonbong Hotel was built in 2012 and renovated in August 2019.

   The hotel, built in the shape of a fort on a place associated with Ri Sun Sin, a famous patriotic general of Korea, is laid out in the traditional Korean style.

   Covering a total floor space of 4 000㎡ and having a basement and a floor above the ground, the hotel can accommodate around 40 people.

   It has 21 rooms (3 super deluxe suites, 15 double rooms, 3 triple rooms) and service and recreation facilities.

   Its restaurant serves delicacies of the East and the West and special dishes made with freshwater fishes including gray mullet, dace and carp caught in Lake Sobon.

   Its balcony offers a panoramic view of Lake Sobon.

   One of the fantastic resting places is the suspension bridge between the hotel and Lake Sobon.

   You can experience Korean customs in this hotel. Wearing traditional Korean clothes you can have your pictures taken with the hotel as the background or play Korean folk games like seesaw.

Chujin Hotel

   Situated on the seashore in Sinhae-dong, Rason, Chujin Hotel was inaugurated in July Juche 93 (2004). 

   12km away from the central part of the city, the hotel has an area of 3 000 sq m and a total floor space of over 20 000 sq m and can accommodate over 100 people.

   It has 50 bedrooms, banquet hall, karaoke room, billiard hall and table-tennis room.

   Its peak periods are July and August which are favourite months for sea bathing.

   The wide stretch of white beach and the clean and blue water of the East Sea of Korea add more to the beauty of the hotel.

   You can taste fresh octopus, sea cucumber, sea urchin and other marine products in the bistros and restaurants lining the beach.