Korean Learning Tour in Pyongyang

   The Korean learning tour organized by the Korea International Travel Company is to be held between July 13 and August 10, Juche 108 (2019) in Pyongyang. Kim Chol Ju University of Education is the venue of this peculiar tour.
   Korean is an excellent language. The letters are made on the unique principle of imitating the shapes of speech organs.   Therefore, capable of freely translating any language, both written and spoken, it is easy to learn it. 
   The tour by Australian tourists between July 14 and August 11, Juche 107 (2018), left a deep impression on them through lectures given by the university teachers and conversations on various thems, recreational games and sport activities with the students, future teachers.
   During the forthcoming tour, tourists will be given three lectures every morning from Monday to Friday. When the lectures are over, visits to famous tourist attractions and scenic spots like Pyongyang, Kaesong, Nampho and Mt Myohyang will be arranged.
   The schedule includes various tourist activities including cycling in the city of Pyongyang.
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Pyongyang Hosts the 30th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon

   The 30th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon is scheduled for April 7, Juche 108 (2019). 

   Since Juche 70 (1981), Pyongyang has hosted this event on an annual basis to mark the Day of the Sun (April 15: President Kim Il Sung’s birthday). 

   The upcoming event will draw runners and amateurs from many countries and regions, and it will be divided into marathon (42.195km), half marathon (21.0975km), 10km run and 5km run. 

   The course will start at Kim Il Sung Stadium and cover the streets in the capital city, for example Kaeson, Pipha, Yongung, Mansudae, Changjon, Sungni and Mirae Scientists, as well as the bridges–Sonnae, Mangyongdae and Sunhwagang. After passing the turn, the runners will come back to the starting point. 

   The event will also offer marathon amateurs and other foreign visitors a good opportunity for touring Pyongyang, Mt Myohyang, Kaesong and other tourist attractions in the country. 

   The memory of this pleasant trip will live with you for the rest of your life.

21st Kimilsungia Festival to Be Held

   The 21st Kimilsungia Festival will be held in the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Exhibition House on the picturesque Taedong River in Pyongyang to mark the 107th birth anniversary (April 15) of President Kim Il Sung

   The previous festivals were characterized by unique composition and delicate portrayal of details, which reflected the Korean people’s firm resolve to add eternal brilliance to the President’s imperishable exploits. 

   Looking round the exhibition house, foreigners said: Such a flower festival cannot be seen elsewhere. The grandeur of the venue does not merely represent the beauty of flowers. It mirrors the Korean people’s admiration for their leader and their solid unity around him. As it has struck its roots deep in the hearts of the Koreans and other progressive peoples of the world, the flower Kimilsungia will be immortal. 

   The upcoming festival will attract a legion of visitors from at home and abroad, and they will keenly feel ardent yearning and respect of the korean people and progressive foreigners for the President Kim Il Sung.  

Sports and Recreational Games of Women Held

   This year marks the 109th anniversary of March 8 International Women’s Day. 
   Greeting their holiday, Women’s Union officials and members from Pyongyang and provinces, numbering over 300, gathered at the Taekwon-Do Palace on Chongchun Street to play sports and recreational games. 
   Various events including volleyball, Taekwon-Do, Yut, basketball-shooting and other recreational games took place at the venue between March 4 and 6, Juche 108 (2019).
   Yut game players grew enthusiastic as they threw sticks in the air while, in the middle of the stadium, a volleyball game was at its height as players demonstrated their skills and team spirit. 
   Thrilling were the sports and recreational games, and the Taekwon-Do pattern contest left a lasting impression on the spectators. 
   The cheering by women filled with delight and optimism shook the indoor stadium and livened up the atmosphere. 
   An awarding ceremony was followed after the games were over.

In Commemoration of March 8

   The DPRK commemorated the 109th anniversary of International Women’s Day.
   On the spring day, when nature comes back to life, streets and villages of the country bustled with women in their beautiful traditional attire–chima and jogori.
   Parks and pleasure grounds were full of people dancing, playing folk games and conductings sporting activities. 
   In the Rungna Dolphinarium and other bases for cultural and leisure activities, there took place celebration performances that had been prepared specially for women, and Okryu, Chongnyu and other renowned restaurants served various kinds of traditional foods. 
   Korean women are leading a happy life, enjoying love and respect as flowers of family and society. Their beautiful appearance on March 8, Juche 108 (2019), left a deep impression on people’s minds. 

Fine Art Works Exhibition

   Fine art works exhibition, titled, National Tree of DPR Korea–Pine, ran from February 13 to 27, Juche 108 (2019) in the Pyongyang International House of Culture in celebration of the Day of the Shining Star.
   As the theme was pine tree, the national tree of DPR Korea, the exhibition aroused special interest among many people.
Displayed at the exhibition were works that portrayed pine tree, symbolic of the strong will, steadfast principle and pure character of the Korean nation. They demonstrated the wisdom and passion of the creative workers and their various techniques and refined skills.
   The stout trunk with cracked barks, the resolute and lively branches, green needles–the portrayal of the tree that has witnessed history while standing evergreen all the year round braving every manner of hardship and difficulty, imbued the visitors with national emotion and pride.
   Exhibited were more than 150 fine art works of various kinds–Korean painting, oil painting, woodcut, sculpture, embroidery, ceramics and Korean jewel painting.

Tree-Planting in Spring

   Whenever spring comes, tree planting is brisk in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

   Out of their sense of patriotism, all the Korean people, young and old, men and women, plant trees of excellent species including pine–national tree of the country–dawn redwood, pine-nut tree, red larch, Pyongyang maple, acasia and so on.

   Common in those day is the scene of brides and bridegrooms who happily plant trees in commemoration of their wedding, picturing their bright future.

   The mass drive for planting trees in spring gathers momentum on March 2, the Tree-Planting Day in the country.

   If you wish a everlasting green planet, please pay a visit to the DPRK and plant trees with your own hands in spring, a good season when nature comes back to life, and it will remain in your memory as an unforgettable experience.

   Already, not a few foreign tourists planted many species of trees according to their opinions and demands.

Kimjongilia Festival Held to Celebrate the Day of the Shining Star

   On the occasion of the Day of the Shining Star (February 16) this year, Pyongyang hosted the 23rd Kimjongilia Festival in the Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia Exhibition House on the bank of the Taedong River. 

   The venue was crowded with visitors from home and abroad during the festival held between February 14 and 21, Juche 108 (2019).

   Exhibited at the exhibition house were tens of thousands of pots of the flower presented by various units and individuals from various strata in the country, overseas compatriots and organizations and personages from many other countries. 

   The visitors looked round the beautiful flowers and their stands, which reflected the boundless respect for Chairman Kim Jong Il, a peerlessly great man, and represented the dignified country of today and its bright tomorrow. 

   The festival drew the attention of the visitors as many pots of Kimjongilia from foreign travel companies were also exhibited.

Ninth Cooking Contest Greeting the Day of the Shining Star Held

   Between February 12 and 14, the Ninth Cooking Contest Greeting the Day of the Shining Star was held at the Pyongyang Noodle House.

   The contest was attended by more than 600 cooks and waitresses from 60-odd catering facilities in the capital city and provinces. 

   It was divided into three categories: a technical contest for making soft drinks and the dishes including roast ox rib, steamed mandarin fish and mung bean jelly salad, all in a fixed time; an exhibition of the dishes made from potato powder, tanbaekcho (protein-rich grass) and mallow; a demonstration of new dishes made by famous cooks.

   Drawing the attention of visitors were such new dishes as potato pizza and steamed meat stuffed with tanbaekcho, cooked with exceptional skills and characterized by unique shape and delicate smell. 

   The jury and visitors commended the exhibits for their peculiar, characteristic tastes and the traditional culinary skills involved.  

   Diplomas, medals and certificates were conferred on the excellent contestants. 

Korean-Learning Tour in Pyongyang and Other Places

   The Korean-learning tour ran between January 17 and 24, Juche 108 (2019), in Pyongyang and other parts of the country. 

   It was undertaken by way of short courses and diversified, useful activities. 

   Pyongyang College of Tourism was a venue for this peculiar tour, in which lectures were given in plain language to tourists and students had talks with the guests.  

   At the Taekwon-Do Holy House high-grade instructors taught the foreigners some jargons, basic movements and skills for self-defence. The latter spent the evening having a pleasant chat and learning how to cook traditional dishes, such as kimchi and mung-bean pancake. 

   Also, they were guided around many scenic spots in Pyongyang and Kaesong, especially the Masikryong Ski Resort, where they practiced Korean and had a better understanding of the beautiful country. 

   Another similar tour is scheduled for somewhere between July and August this year.  

   The Korea International Travel Company will arrange diverse activities for the purpose at several universities and colleges in the capital city. 

   For more information about this upcoming tour, please contact Koryo Tours and Juche Travel Services.

Trolley Bus Tour Service

   The Korea International Travel Company provides a tour of Pyongyang by means of tram, trolley bus and subway.

   On December 30, 2018, foreign tourists took a trolley bus of the 1960s vintage manufactured by the Korean people themselves and looked round the main streets of Pyongyang, including Sungni and Kaeson, on which many monumental architectural structures stand. 

   Suopanki Lakso Miria Elina Annikki from Sweden, aged 30, said:

   I have never dreamt of having a trolley bus tour during my visit to the DPRK. While passing through clean and beautiful streets of Pyongyang on board a trolley bus, I saw people full of happiness and monumental edifices. I have never seen or took such a trolley bus of old vintage. I feel happy for touring Pyongyang on such a trolley bus.

   During their stay, the tourists saw the Pyongyang Ice Sculpture Festival-2019 and a prom on celebration of the New Year 2019 held in  Kim Il Sung Square, seeing in the new year with admiration and pleasure, and visited tourist destinations in local areas like Nampho and Kaesong.